Hello and Welcome everyone to Audiobook review. You will find the latest Audiobooks review, thoughts and whether you should buy it. We will review and rate Audiobooks so that it is easier for you to choose your books.

What is Audiobook?

The conventional way to read the book is hard copy or ebook version. You can either buy the hard copy of the book or download a ecopy of the book and then read it on your mobile, iPad or desktop devices.

Whereas in Audiobooks, you can listen to word to word version of the complete book. You can listen to your audiobooks on music player, mobile devices, computer, Ipad, Bluetooth speaker system or in cars that support streaming audio.

You can download Audiobooks from online digital stores like Amazon Audible, just like you download online songs and videos. Most of the online store provides facility to download Audiobooks online.

Devices You can use to Listen Audiobooks

  • Mp3 Players
  • Media Players
  • Mobile devices (ios and Android apps)
  • Ipads and tablets
  • Home speakers system
  • Streaming media devices like Alexa
  • Computers and Laptops

Top Sources Of Audiobooks

  • Audible.com – Requires a monthly subscription, the first month is free after that it is $14.95/month. You can use ios and Android apps to listen on mobile devices
  • Amazon.com – You can also buy it from Amazon. Kindle and Audible both option will be available
  • Goodreads – You can also download Audiobooks from Goodreads.
  • Nook Audio Books – Nook audio store is an online store to download thousands of Audiobooks