Author: Gillian Flynn

This book came in the year 2012 and a movie based on the book came in 2014. This is a dark and thriller story of husband and wife. It is Nick and Amy fifth marriage anniversary, but she disappeared mysteriously.

The whole town, police, volunteer started searching for the woman but she is nowhere to be found. Husband Nick is not telling the truth and giving contradictory statement making it difficult for police to find her.

Under the pressure from police and Amy’s parent, Nick started a series of deceptions, lies and unsuitable behavior. Amy’s sister Margo is also on Nick side.

There is also silvery gift box hidden in Amy’s bedroom closet which gives some clue but still no one is able to locate her. This is one of best seller thriller, sharp writing, and trademark emotional insight, Author Gillian Flynn gives a quick-paced,  dark, and original plotted thriller.


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