There are various ways to listen to Audible audiobooks. It is available for all type of devices. In this post, I am going to talk about how you can download and listen to Audible Audiobooks on different devices.

Listen Audible Audiobooks on IOS (Apple devices) –

Audible Audiobook is available for IOS app. You can download it from itunes stores and then listen to it on your mobile devices. You can sign in using Amazon or Audible id.

Audible on ios


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Android devices –

For Android devices, apps are available. You can download it from Google store and listen to your favorite Audiobooks.

Desktop Users –

For desktop, the personal laptop also we have apps to listen to audiobooks.  For Windows 10, you can download the audible app from Windows store.

For Mac also Audible apps are available on itune stores. If you are unable to download apps, you can also use your web browser to listen to Audiobooks.

Listen to Audible Audiobooks in your Car –

Listening to Audiobooks in the car is a great experience. Most of the people do so when they are on the long drive or when they travel for office or other purposes.

You can always use car audio jack or Bluetooth to listen to audiobook from your phone. You can also use Carplay a new inbuilt app in most of the car from apple to listen to Audiobooks.


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Amazon Devices –

Amazon offers Audible on almost all its devices. You can listen to it on Kindle Fire, tablet, and even Alexa.

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