As I mentioned in the previous post, gone are those days when you can read books only using hard copy or ebooks. Now you have the option to listen to it. And this will be the future. I am going to review Audible Audiobooks and how to access ebooks from it.

What is Audible?

Audible is one of the biggest sources of online audiobooks where worlds are translated to voice. You can listen to your favorite audiobooks anytime anywhere using apps or your laptops.

What are the Benefits Of Audible?

  • Read Audiobooks Anytime, anywhere – Audible is available for all type of devices and for apps (IOS and Android)
  • Largest Collection Of Audiobooks – Audible has one of the largest collection of Audiobooks. You can choose wide ranges of categories like Classics, comedy, dramas, Fiction, health, Sports, Travels and many more.
  • Exchange Books – If you don’t like the book, you can easily exchange and get a new one.
  • Privacy and Secure – As Audible is Amazon company, you are always sure that your privacy is maintained.

How Audible Works?

Audible works on a monthly subscription basis. The monthly subscription costs $14.95 and then choose the book which you want to download.

Here is how to Subscribe to Audible:

  1. Sign in to Audible using your Amazon account
  2. Sign up for your 30 days trial
  3. Choose any book you want to download
  4. Download Audible app and start listening

Benefits Of Audible Membership:

  • The First month is free, and choose any one book for free
  • You can keep your book forever even if you cancel your membership
  • Exchange your audiobook for free if you do not like them
  • Any used credit for book roll over to next month if you don’t use them


Books are a great source of self-development and you should invest in it.


Some of the Example of audiobooks where a standard book can’t help you:

  • You can read book even if you are stuck in a traffic
  • You are on a long drive, listening book is a great way to pass time
  • Log distance traffic, no worries; close your eyes and ready your audiobooks
  • You can listen to audiobook before you go in sleep
  • Kids love audiobook, they may not read; but listen
  • Busy in-house works, you can still listen to audiobooks

Over To You

If you are still reading the book in an older way, it is a great time to switch to Audiobook and increase your productivity. You should try it!

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